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Granholme was established in early 2011 after receiving the sort of demo that makes you want to start a record label.

Our ambitions as a label are modest, but if we can do anything to detract from the current glut of painfully beige electronic music then that will be considered a small victory. So far we've released EP's from Graphics, Zoltan, Kloke & Sentel. There'll be some new faces adding to the ranks soon but more on that later.All Granholme art & design is the work of Maarten Mieras, video content is handled exclusively by North by North Motion Design.

  • GHM-001
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  • Graphics
  • Wiping The Eye / Name This
  • 1. Wiping The Eye
  • 2. D-Transition
  • 3. Name This
  • GHM-002
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  • Zoltan
  • Pluton EP
  • 1. Pluton
  • 2. You Don't Know
  • 3. When I'm'
  • GHM-003
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  • Kloke
  • Circuit Theory EP
  • A1) Circuit Theory
  • A2) To The Rescue
  • B1) Hawkers
  • B2) Dead Leaves
  • GHM-004
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  • Sentel
  • Shut Your Eyes EP
  • A1) Shut Your Eyes
  • B1) Other People
  • B2) Jupiter
  • GHM-005
  • Zoltan
  • Curtains EP
  • A1) Plictis
  • B1) Curtains
  • B2) li-polymer

Send your music

Much as we like hearing music from people we've never heard of (that's kind of the point of the label) neither our time or our hard drive space is infinite. All we ask is i) make sure we can stream a track without having to d/l it first, and ii) try not to sound like anyone else too much

Buy Granholme music

We've got our own Surus store that lets you buy everything direct from our venerable distributor, ST Holdings. All vinyl comes with free digi downloads so that's probably the most cost efficient way of getting hold of our produce. However, if you live near a town or city with an independent record shop then we politely suggest you go and support places like these;

If on the other hand you're not a vinyl buyer, live in the Outer Hebrides or don't have physical space for any more records (feel your pain) then there's a ton of digital retailers out there you don't need us to tell you about. However, the two we're most keen on are: Boomkat and Bleep. They're alright them.